Making Yogurt

Hello! During these two weeks of my intern life, the most exciting event was making yogurt. Last week, I had a chance to go to YOU shelter and work with the chef there. In this post, I will tell you how to make yogurt.

First stage was making concentrated yogurt. We used instant pots to make the yogurt. There were three pots. First, we put 1.5 L of milk in each pot. The instant pot had a yogurt function, so we just needed to push the yogurt button and rise to a high temperature. We waited about half an hour, and the milk was ready. We put the milk in the fridge to wait for the milk to cool down to under 45 degrees, or the probiotic would be killed. We checked a couple of times to see if the temperature was under 45 degrees. After the milk was cooled down, we put one pack of Fiti probiotic in each pot. We used the yogurt function again, but the milk was cooked under medium temperature this time for 20 hours. On the second day, the chef would collect the yogurt and put it into the fridge.

For the second stage, we just repeated the process like the first stage, but this time we cooked more milk, about 6 L in each pot. Thus, we cooked longer than the first stage for about 1 hour. When the pots were done cooking, we put the milk in the freezer this time to cool down the milk more quickly. After the milk was cooled down, we put about 1 cup of concentrated yogurt we made during the first stage into each pot. Again, the milk was cooked under medium temperature overnight. On the second day, we could get 20 L yogurt!

After reading my post, I hope you can make yogurt at home. Enjoy this post!

Instant pots
Yogurt function
Concentrated yogurt
18 L milk
Adding yogurt into milk

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