New Updates

Hello, everyone! Time flies. It’s the second half of my internship. We had lots of progress during these two weeks. In this week, I did the nutritional analysis for the first recipe. After the selection, we only had the sauces recipes left. When I tried the food processor application, I found that the application is great, because I could directly get the different types of reports, such as a multi-column report showing the total amount of each nutrient and a spreadsheet showing the nutrient contained in each ingredient. The great thing was that the application can produce a simple nutritional chart. The function makes our job easier.

However, I still faced some problems, because the amount of black pepper was not sure. I didn’t know if the amount was 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon. Also, the sugar was suggested, so I did not know if I should add sugar as an ingredient in the recipe. Finally, the probiotic yogurt in the app was not sure to be the same as the fiti probiotic yogurt. The first two questions needed answers from Darryl, and we were still waiting for his reply. The last question was solved by Dr. Hekmat who said the two types of yogurts should be similar, and the difference might be the amount of sugar, fat or the flavoured ingredients. My plan was to create different reports for different conditions. After the final decision was made, we could use the information in the report to produce a nutritional chart for each recipe.

In addition, there was great news about sensory testing. Ana and I were planning to conduct sensory testing this month, so stay tuned! Hope everything is going well!

Spreadsheet- Horseradish Cream Sauce
Multi Column- probiotic yogurt
Multi Column- Horseradish Cream Sauce
Multi Column- Horseradish Cream Sauce with 1 tbsp black pepper
Multi Column- Horseradish Cream Sauce without sugar

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