Final Week!

​​Hello everyone, this is my last post for my internship. My summer internship ends this week. Time flies by.

This is a very meaningful summer for me. I went to YOU shelter and had chances to help other people. I learned lots of personal and professional skills. For example, my communication skills have improved a lot. Both verbal and written communication skills improved. I can speak English more fluently without nervousness. I can write emails faster and clearer. I can ask clever questions to people who have different study backgrounds and get the information we need. As for professional skills, I can use the professional application to do nutrition analysis for recipes. I know how to conduct sensory testing. I know how to create nutrition fact tables. I also know how to write summary reports for people who do not have a nutrition background. These skills are very important for my future study and career. I really appreciate WHE and YOU give me the internship opportunity to improve myself.

Within the two weeks, I was working on my final report and poster program. I summarize and reflect what I have done in the 3 months internship. I looked back to my blog posts and I found lots of interesting things that I forgot. I thought that writing work records was a good habit, and I will keep the habit in my future work. I still need to apply some changes for the report and poster. I am supposed to finish the fixed report and poster today, but I have work to do on Thursday and Friday. Thus, I ask Maria to give me the extension to next Monday. I really appreciate that Maria gives me the extension and understanding. What I want to express is that the online internship is flexible. When you have conflicts or difficulties, do not hesitate to talk with others, like Maria, other interns or community partners. Everything will be figured out!

The Cover Page of Final Report
Poster Program without Changes

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