About My Internship

Zhihui Xiao

About Me

Hello everyone! I am going to be a forth year student in fall. I am currently in the Foods and Nutrition at Western University.

Internship Placement and Partner

I am working with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) in London, Ontario. YOU is YOU is a non-profit organization which supports youth and provide resources and training to help youth get success. I will use the nutrition knowledge from classes to help developing new products, recipes, and effective packages and menu. Please visit the YOU website to get more information at https://www.you.ca.

Internship Goals

  • Assisting with the development of Fiti Yogurt Program at YOU
  • Reviewing and implementing a menu plan
  • Create the new product menu plan
  • Developing effective packaging and labelling marketing materials to help with health promotion
  • Product development and nutrition promotions about probiotics